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Join our 10-day online "Oil Camp" of beautiful learning and inspiration on how you can use essential oils  


Next date: October 23rd - November 1st


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What is the Oil Camp?

Oil Camp was created to provide group coaching and support to new oil users and everyone who is interested in essential oils. This is a 10-day online camp that you can do from anywhere. It’s robust, fast-moving, and designed to help you dive in and start experiencing greater wellness right away!


We remember what it was like when we first started with essential oils...we were excited, but we didn't actually know what to DO with them! We wanted the benefits we believed were possible, but we didn't know how to get started by ourselves. That is why Oil Camp was created! 


We are here to coach you daily, in a fun and interactive way, so you can integrate essential oils into your lifestyle. Simple daily challenges will be given to help you practice USING your oils, DIY projects and recipes will be shared, and you’ll come away with all the resources you need to make essential oils a natural part of your life going forward.


And please know, even if you've been using oils for years, we guarantee you'll learn something new! Every camp we offer, long-time oil users leave feeling grateful to know how much more their little bottles of oil can do. 


Best of all?? We've got PRIZES for everyone...EVERYONE...who successfully completes camp! You’ll want to set aside 20-30 minutes per day to take full advantage of the education we’re about to provide. 


Are you ready?!? We sure are. Let's do this!!


Our experts


Emily Mascarenhas: Emily is an integrative nutrition health coach and well-known essential oils expert and her passion is to empower others to live with a greater understanding and appreciation of how to cultivate health, happiness and joy using nature’s solutions. She lives with her husband Tim and her 5 kids in the UK.



Sarah Lorenz: Sarah is a social media coach and Facebook Ads expert. She fell in love with the doTERRA essential oils a year ago and since then is organizing events in person and online. She lives with her husband and son in Cyprus.


Our other coaches: During the Oil Camp you will also learn from other lovely ladies from our doTERRA team. They'll be there along the way to teach you about our beautiful oils and they will also support you with any questions you might have.


What will I get?


We will send you a beautiful package of oils, bottles and gifts. You'll get 10 essential oil samplings with 12-15 drops each for you to use during the Oil Camp. This is your chance to test the oils at a super cheap price as we only ask for 39 € to cover our costs for the oils and the shipping. 


You also get a 10 ml roller bottle already filled with fractionated coconut oil for you to use for the DIY recipes during the Oil Camp. 


There will also be some extra surprises that we'll send you in addition to your oils! :)


Our extra gift for you: Wholesale prices


When you complete at least 70% of the Oil Camp (meaning you go through the posts and leave a comment for each section), we gift you a doTERRA membership for free! With this, you save 25% on all oil purchases for up to a year. This is amazing if after the Oil Camp you decide you want to get some bottles of oils to change your health and lifestyle. There is never any obligation to order and we will show you exactly how to use this to get the beautiful oils sent directly to your door. This account normally costs 32 € and is included in your investment for this Oil Camp. (We will purchase the account for you after you've completed 70% of the Oil Camp - this has to be done during the 10 days when the Oil Camp runs. Please have a look at the very top of this page to check for the dates to make sure you will have time to participate.)



This is for you if:


βœ” You've never had your own doTERRA account before.

βœ” You are interested in the power of essential oils.

βœ” You are committed to investing about 30 minutes each day during the Oil Camp to go through all the content and learn exactly how to use all the oils that we send you (please scroll to the top of this page to check for the dates!)



Ready to begin? 

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Frequently asked questions


Do I need to have any previous knowledge of oils?

No, we will send you 10 oils and during the Oil Camp you will learn lots of ways on how to use them. You don’t need any previous knowledge or equipment. 

How much oil will I actually get?

You will get 10 oil bottles each containing about 12-15 drops of high-quality oil. This is the perfect quantity for you to experience the oils and try different things during the series.

At which time is the Oil Camp every day?

You can go through all the content of the Oil Camp each day whenever you have time. We also give you some extra time to catch up after 5 days.

I think I might already opened an doTERRA account in the past. Can I still join the series?

This series is only for people who have never had their own account.  If you're unsure simply send us an email to sarah@getsomemagic.com 

Sounds interesting? Let us send you more information

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